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Buying OSRS Gold

What is OSRS Gold?

OSRS Gold, commonly referred to as "osrs gp", is the primary currency used within gielinor. Just as money in the real world, gold facilitates the exchange of goods, services, and other in-game items. With distinct economies in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RuneScape 3 (RS3).

Why Should You Buy OSRS Gold with

OSRS Gold is pivotal for numerous in-game activities. While many earn it through gameplay, the grind isn't for everyone. When buying OSRS Gold on you will know that:

  • There is no hidden fees. We show each payments processing fee.
  • You know you're getting the best deal.
  • You have full context of the merchants reviews and feedback.
  • Enhance overall game enjoyment.
  • Why should I Buy OSRS Gold anwyay?
    • With even the best money makers only peaking at around 12m OSRS Gold per hour it can take extended period of times to get everything you want in-game.
    • You're able to enjoy the game faster without the stress and hassel of sweaty pvming.
    • You simply look cooler having the best items.
However, always ensure your source is reputable to minimize risks. When using this task is simple.

How to Buy OSRS Gold on

Purchasing OSRS Gold via is hassle-free:

  1. Visit
  2. Select a merchant that aligns with your payment and delivery preferences.
  3. Finalize the transaction on the merchant's website.

Which merchant is the best to Buy OSRS Gold from?

That answer ultimately comes down to the customer and how they feel their experience went. Here is a few things to note:

  1. Are they reputable?
  2. Do they accept the payment method you use?
  3. Was the transaction smooth?
  4. Was the support and communication good?
Always make sure you leave a review on the merchants profiles so others can know how it went and what to expect!

How long does it take to Buy OSRS Gold?

That question is a little more complex than just a static response, so let's break this down into 2 segments. Buying & Delivery.

Part 1: Buying The actual process of Buying OSRS Gold (sending the payment/paying the invoice) often ranges between 5-10 minutes. That's the easy part. The more time consuming aspect when you Buy OSRS Gold often is what comes after.
The following are variables to consider into the duration of when you Buy OSRS Gold
  • Does the payment method require ID verificstion? We provide all of this information for you when using
  • Does the payment method have a long confirmation time? Certian payment methods like SEPA, Bank Xfers, and sometimes even Paypal have a set time for the payment to clear.
  • Is the merchant active? It's always good to make sure you contact the merchant before purchasing to make sure they're around to process the order.
  • How are you communicating with the merchant? A direct and instant form of communication is always best, live chats ( has a livechat function that will connect you direct to the merchant), discord, telegram are a few that will help keep the line of communication quick and direct.
Part 2: Delivery Now that you're past the actual payment and confirmation phase of the process to Buy OSRS Gold, the delivery comes next. Which is generally the quickest part.

Once your payment is confirmed follow these steps to ensure a quick delivery.

  • Ping the merchant, remind them the payment has confirmed.
  • Tell the merchant your RSN, world and location (Always confirm who you're talking to before telling sensitive information. Never communicate in-game).
  • Once the merchant has arrived, confirm it's you in trade.
Hopefully this gives a generalized overview of the process and timeframes for buying OSRS Gold.

Delivery Methods for Buying OSRS Gold

Safe and reliable delivery is crucial. Here are some methods employed by merchants:

  • P2P and F2P World Trading: Face-to-face trades in both pay-to-play and free-to-play worlds.
  • Drop Trapping: The merchant drops the gold/items for the customer to pick up.
  • Tip Jar: Gold is deposited into the customer's tip jar.
  • PVP/DM Transfer: The merchant dies to the customer in a PVP world, transferring the gold.
  • High-Level Delivery: Direct face-to-face delivery from a high-level account.