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Selling RS3 Gold

What is RS3 Gold?

RS3 Gold is the currency of choice in RuneScape 3. It's what keeps the economy of Gielinor alive, helping players trade for gear, skills, and other neat items in-game.

Why Sell Your RS3 Gold?

Got a heap of RS3 Gold just sitting in your bank? Selling it can be a total win-win. Here's what's in it for you:

Turn your gaming time into real dough.

Get a kick out of knowing you've funded your latest buys with GP.

Hook up other players who might be short on cash.

To sell without a hitch, always choose legit sites like

How to Cash in RS3 Gold on

Selling RS3 Gold through is a piece of cake:

Hit up

Scout for a merchant with solid rates and a payment method that works for you.

Carry out the sale on their platform.

Finding the Best Merchant to Sell RS3 Gold

Choosing where to sell your RS3 Gold? Keep these points in mind:

Their rep's gotta be top-notch.

Payment methods should line up with yours.

Look for a smooth and quick transaction.

Good vibes only – ensure they're friendly and helpful.

Remember to drop a review post-trade to help the next player!

Time Taken to Sell RS3 Gold

Selling your RS3 Gold is quick - you won't be hanging around long:

Choose a buyer on (1-2 mins)

Start a chat or jump on their site. (30-60 secs)

Tell them how much gold you're selling, your payment preference, in-game world, and character name. (2-5 mins)

After trading your gold in-game, they'll send over the cash. (2-10 mins)

And that's it! Easy peasy - and don't forget to leave feedback.

How You'll Hand Over the RS3 Gold

There are a few ways to get that gold out of your account and into the buyer's hands:

Face-to-Face Trading: Good old direct trading in a designated world.

Drop Trade: Drop the gold somewhere discreet, and the buyer picks it up.

Tip Jar Handoff: Slide the gold into their house's tip jar.

PK Transfer: Take a dive in the Wilderness and let them loot the gold.

High-Level Exchange: If you're a high-level player, you might hand it over personally for that added security.