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Buying RS3 Gold

What is RS3 Gold?

RS3 Gold is the main money in the game RuneScape 3. Like real cash, it's used to swap for items, services, and other stuff in the game. It's different from the money in Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Why Buy RS3 Gold from

Here's why RS3 Gold is key and why getting it from is a smart move:

  • No sneaky extra charges. You see all the costs up front.
  • You're sure to get a good deal.
  • You can read what other buyers say about the sellers.
  • It makes the game more fun to play.
  • But why buy RS3 Gold at all?
    • Even top ways to make money in the game only give about 12m RS3 Gold an hour. It can take ages to get what you want.
    • You get to the fun part faster without the tough, sweaty monster fights.
    • Having cool items just makes you look awesome.
Just make sure the seller is trustworthy to keep things safe. makes checking this easy.

How to Buy RS3 Gold on

It's really simple to get RS3 Gold here:

  1. Go to
  2. Pick a seller that fits what you need.
  3. Finish buying on their site.

Who's the Best RS3 Gold Seller?

That depends on your shopping experience. Think about these:

  1. Can you trust them?
  2. Do they take your payment way?
  3. Did the buy go smoothly?
  4. Were they easy to talk to and helpful?
Don't forget to write a review after so others know what to expect!

How Quick is it to Buy RS3 Gold?

There's a bit to consider for timing, so let's split it into Buying & Getting the Gold.

Part 1: Buying Actually buying RS3 Gold takes about 5-10 minutes. But there's more to it afterward.
Things that can change the time it takes:
  • Need to show ID? We'll tell you if it's needed on
  • Long wait for payment to clear? Some ways to pay like bank transfers can take time.
  • Is the seller ready? Chat with them first to make sure they can start right away.
  • How you're talking to the seller? Quick chat is best, like live chat, Discord, or Telegram.
Part 2: Getting the Gold After your payment is okay, getting the gold is usually fast.

Do these steps for quick delivery:

  • Let the seller know your payment went through.
  • Give them your game details like your character's name and where to meet. (Keep your info safe. Talk outside the game).
  • Check it's them when they come to give you the gold.
This should give you an idea of what to expect when buying RS3 Gold.

Ways to Get RS3 Gold Delivered

Getting your gold safe and sound matters. Sellers use different ways:

  • Trading in Game: They'll meet you in the game and trade.
  • Drop Pick-Up: They leave the gold on the ground for you to get.
  • Tip Jar: They put gold into a jar in your game house.
  • Player Killing: They let you beat them in a fight area so you can get the gold.
  • High-Level Hand-Off: A strong character gives you the gold directly.