RuneScape Community Discords

Server Description Invite
RuneLite Official RuneLite client discord server Join Discord
HDOS Official HDOS client discord server Join Discord
We Do Raids Raids mentoring and team building Join Discord
Gear PvM Gear & setups Join Discord
Iron Gear Iron man gear & setups Join Discord
Runewatch OSRS scammer database & plugin Join Discord
Essence Running Find essence runners Join Discord
Volcanic Mine Find Volanic mine teams Join Discord
CA Combat achievement team finder Join Discord
Solo CoX & CM Solo Chambers of Xeric tips Join Discord
Inferno Speedrunning End game Inferno speed running community and showcase Join Discord
Star Miners Find shooting stars locations Join Discord
Ely RuneScape's most popular economy community Join Discord
All Bulks Buy & sell bulk amounts of items Join Discord
Leech BA Barbarian assault leeching Join Discord
Skilling Methods Learn new and efficient skilling methods Join Discord
Behemeth Highlights Community channel to showcase your achievements Join Discord
Runescape Chronicles Community channel to showcase your achievements Join Discord
Petcord A server for avid pet hunters in osrs Join Discord
FashionScapers A community dedicated to fashionscape in runescape Join Discord
Portables a RuneScape community dedicated to finding and sharing portable skilling locations Join Discord
EDTeams Runescape 3's Premier Elite Dungeon and Boss Team Finder. Join Discord
Flipping Utilities Everything money in OldSchool Runescape Join Discord
Achievement Help Achievement Help is your one-stop shop for anything that you can achieve in RuneScape 3! Join Discord