Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to! These are some frequently asked question. is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of various goods and services. It aims to provide a simple, convenient and secure way for merchants to sell their products online. offers a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the Runescape gold market, keeping track of the latest price trends, payment methods, fees, reviews, and site metrics. In addition, we monitor community growth and stay vigilant against any potential scam events, ensuring that our users can trade with confidence.
To become a merchant on, you need to fill out the "Merchant Listing Request" form in the contact section and provide some basic information about your business.
You should contact us immedialty with proof of the scam so we can de-list the merchant and add them to our scam bank.

No, is a platform for merchants to sell their gold, but we do not directly sell gold to consumers. However, you can use our platform to find reputable merchants that sell gold and connect with them to make a purchase.

However we may open an escrow in the future.
Fill out our contact form with the issue and resolve for said issues and we will get it sorted in a timely manner.

The prices are automatically updated every 10 minutes. The last updated time is displayed next to the 'Price' table header. The color will slowly change from green to red. Green meaning the time has just reset or reset recently, red meaning they will be updated soon.

They are updated automatically every 24 hours. This can also be seen on the review modal for the merchant in the bottom right corner.