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Selling OSRS Gold

What is OSRS Gold?

OSRS Gold, or "osrs gp", is the main money in gielinor. It's like real-world cash, used to trade items and services in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RuneScape 3 (RS3).

Why Should You Sell OSRS Gold?

If you've got extra OSRS Gold, why not make some cash? Selling gold lets you:

Get real-world money for your in-game efforts.

Have the ability to buy something and say "I bought this with rsgp xD".

Help other players get the gold they need.

Always use trusted sites, like, to sell safely.

How to Sell OSRS Gold on

Selling your OSRS Gold with is easy:

Go to

Find a merchant that offers good rates and payment options.

Finish the sale on the merchant's site.

Which merchant is the best to Sell OSRS Gold to?

That answer ultimately comes down to the customer and how they feel their experience went. Here is a few things to note:

Are they reputable?

Do they accept the payment method you use?

Was the transaction smooth?

Was the support and communication good?

How long does it take to Sell OSRS Gold?

Seling OSRS Gold is a very quick and simple process that shouldn't ever exceed 15 minutes. Let's break down the process and their timeframes below.

Head over to and find a merchant who is buying OSRS Gold. (This should take 1-2 minutes)

Proceed to starting a livechat with the merchant, or go to their site. (This should take 30-60 seconds)

Once communication have started, inform the merchant of the amount you're looking to sell, the payment method you wish to be paid in, what world you're in and the RSN you will be trading from. (This should take 2-5 minutes)

Now that you have delivered the gold to the merchant, they will send you your payment. (This should take 2-10 minutes)

Don't forget the leave the merchant a review on their profile!

Delivery Methods for Selling OSRS Gold

There are different ways to hand over your gold. Some common methods are:

P2P and F2P World Trading: Meet and trade in game.

Drop Trapping: You drop the gold/items and the merchant picks them up.

Tip Jar: Put the gold in the merchant's tip jar.

PVP/DM Transfer: You let the merchant kill you in a PVP world, giving them the gold.

High-Level Delivery: Hand over the gold face-to-face using a high level account.