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RuneScape Gold Swapping

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RuneScape Gold Swapping


  • Comprehensive Gold Swapping Marketplace showcases multiple trusted swap providers offering the best swap rates and deals in one place. We provide:

    Swapping Rates Compare rates between RS3 and OSRS gold across all providers.

    Live Chat Support Each provider offers 24/7 live chat support to guide you through the swapping process.

    Trusted Reviews Access genuine reviews and feedback to find the most trusted swap providers.

What is RuneScape Gold Swapping?

RuneScape gold swapping is the process of converting your RS3 gold to OSRS or vice versa. As there is no built-in method in either game, merchants provide this service to convert between the two. It's essentially a simplified process of selling and buying gold without the middle steps.

Why Swap Gold?

  • Play the Game You Prefer Swap gold to maintain your effective bank value while playing your preferred game version.

    Avoid Scams Use trusted merchants to safely swap gold without risk.

How to Swap Gold on

  • Contact the merchant

    Reach out to the live chat support of your chosen provider to confirm current swap rates.

  • Meet In-Game

    Meet the merchant in-game and follow their instructions to trade your gold securely.

  • Swap Confirmation

    Confirm the swap before accepting the trade in-game to ensure safety.

  • Complete the Swap

    After receiving your gold in the opposite game version, the swap is complete!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I Swap RS3 to OSRS Gold?

    Contact the live chat of your chosen provider to confirm the rates and receive the trade location in-game. Meet them to start the swap.

  • What Are the Current RS3 to OSRS Swap Rates?

    Swap rates vary depending on the in-game economies and demand. Check the current rates via live chat before swapping.

  • Is Swapping RS3 Gold to OSRS Allowed?

    Yes, swapping gold between RS3 and OSRS is allowed and done through another player. Always confirm trades via live chat to avoid scams.

  • Can I Swap in Increments?

    Yes, you can swap gold in increments to ensure comfort and safety. Simply let the live chat agent know your preferences.

  • How Can I Trust Merchants?

    Start with a small swap to build trust. Check reviews and feedback to verify the provider's trustworthiness before making a larger swap.